Load Testing Services

Load lifting or supporting machinery such as cranes and gantries have maximum load limits and must be tested at regular intervals to ensure their safety and compliance.

Different equipment and machinery require testing at different intervals. For example lifting accessories such as shackles, webbing straps, wires, ropes and chains will need to be tested every six months, while chain hoists, cranes and lifting beams are tested annually.

Proof Load Testing

Some new machinery has to be tested to 25% proof overload before it is passed safe to use, and further testing is required before any damaged and repaired item is passed fit for use.

LOLER Testing

LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) testing is also required by any business that lifts or supplies lifting equipment to a third party. LOLER tests check lifting equipment is fit for purpose, labeled with appropriate information and that it has been regularly inspected and maintained.

Medway Sling Testing Services

We are experienced in supplying test and inspection services for all lifting equipment and can carry out LOLER and Proof Load tests either on site or here at our Test House in Kent.