Natural & Synthetic Ropes & Rope Splicing

Medway Sling is a leading supplier of natural and synthetic ropes to commercial, industrial, manufacturing, marine and leisure industries.

Whether you need rope for trade use, rope for the garden, climbing rope, rigging rope or rope for your home, we have a vast selection in all colours, sizes and constructions.

Natural Rope

Natural rope – as the name suggests – is rope made from natural fibres. Still a popular choice for its strength and aesthetic qualities, natural rope is often used in gardens, around decking and as climbing rope. We use natural rope for the rope ladders that we make to order.

Synthetic Rope

We sell a variety of synthetic ropes including nylon, polyester and polypropylene ropes. With their different strengths and various colour options they have many different applications including mooring lines, safety lines, sailing ropes, pulleys, barrier ropes and in displays.

Rope Splicing

All our natural and synthetic ropes can be cut and hand spliced using traditional methods to your specifications.

If you are unsure which size, length or type of rope is best suited to your needs we will be happy to advise you on the options available.

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