There is nothing better than sailing! if its a hobby, your weekend getaway or  everday life, being captain on your own ship and  stepping aboard to head off on the water for an adventure is enough to put a smile on anyones face!

So keeping your boat in good working order is a priority! Rigging is such an important part of your boat its like the bones in our body we couldnt do much without them.

Here is a little bit of information for you, if you would like to speak to us regarding your rigging please conatct us directly on 01634 726400.

Rigging comprises of a system of ropes, cables and chains which support a sailing ship or sail boats mast, this is something that we can take care of for you.

Running Rigging is the rigging of a sailing vessel that is used when lowering and controlling the sails as apposed to standing rigging which supports the mast and bowsprit. The lifespan of rigging all depends on the use of the boat and how the boat has been sailed, majority of our clients have their vessels re-rigged every 10 to 12 years but this can vary. Changing the rigging of a boat normally takes place from April through to September.

Mooring line is manufactued to customer specifications and is something along with the rigging that needs changing.

There is nothing we like more than getting a happy customer back on the water, too sail off on another adventure!