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Testing Testing 123…….


Testing what does that actually mean? To sit a test is the first thing that comes to mind or to test someone’s patience!  The sort of testing we are known for isn’t either of these or we hope it isn’t the latter!

So many things in our everyday lives all around us are tested, and you wouldn’t necessarily realise that this takes place, for example a fairground swing is tested, and lights in a theatre are tested.

So lets use pump/pallet trucks as an example if you work in a warehouse environment I expect you more than likely use one?

I would assume you go into work and possibly use this a few times a day and when you are finished for the day I expect that you would put it back in its designated area, and why would you need to know anything else? Well you wouldn’t, however someone within your working environment does and they are expected to make sure that every 6 months the pallet/pump trucks are what we call “tested” which is where we step in! we test each pallet/pump individually first visually and then by loading each to a maximum load and checking that they with stand this weight limit, we then pass the pallet/pump truck and issue the company with a certificate which allows the company to continue using it until the 6 month period is up and they are due for re testing, now some people may think this is a waste of time its just a pump truck we load a pallet on it and move it from A to B! which yes is correct and you are able to do this because we have made sure that it is fit for use, could you imagine if it wasn’t tested and you had pumped it up and secured your load on it which would normally be a pallet and it dropped and when it dropped it dropped directly onto your foot, now that wouldn’t be pleasant would it! So what I’m trying to say is testing is so important it keeps you safe keeps your employer safe and keeps a company safe, if someone tells you its fine for another! couple of months it isn’t the dates are there for a reason, and waiting another couple of months could be too late